Oil and Gas Evaluations

“Chris Aycock did a fabulous job organizing a great program overall.  I’ve been to four of the Live Oak seminars and this was by far the best seminar I’ve attended for coverage and content.”

“Bill Griffin stole the show – worth the price of the ticket alone.”

“Excellent seminar!  Nice updates and well presented.  Thank you.”

“Speaker wise – One of the best I’ve been to.”

Other Seminars Evaluations

“Thank you for an excellent CLE presentation.  I am very glad I attended and learned information of significant benefit to me as a solo practitioner.”

“ Mr. Klearman’s general concepts of awareness and self-knowledge were an unexpected and useful bonus.”

“Very informative, especially with high tech information.”

“A great seminar with excellent speakers.”

“It was nice to hear again from Judge Adams.  He was as persuasive and interesting here as he was on the college campus 40 years ago.  This was a perfect blend of humor, insight, practical information and general life wisdom.  I very much enjoyed the seminar.  Thank you.” – Christopher Kaempfer- 65 Things Not To Do at Trial

“Great CLE with very useful information included in the PDF and a very interesting presenter.  I really enjoyed listening to the presentation, and learned a lot too.  Thank you, Live Oak. I always appreciate your CLE’s and great price points.”– Beth Millman – Website Law

“Unusual but very successful format.  Thirty minute sections by counsel who were clearly experienced, current on the law and good speakers made the course interesting and, at times, surprising.  Many of the speakers, the lady who was from BP and one of the trial attorneys, were much more candid in their presentation than normal.  Interesting, entertaining and relevant.  A successful venture for CLE.  LTO” – Lenard Ormsby – Advanced In-House Counsel 2.0

“Very good program and presenter was understandable.” – William Volk – Electronic Employee Surveillance

“One of the best CLE programs I have ever listened to!” – Jonathan Zerin – 65 Things Not To Do at Trail

“One of the best ethics CLE`s I`ve taken!” – Leticia Saucedo – How Smart Lawyers Run Afoul of Ethical Issues

“A professional seminar. No time wasted. Much better than offerings at Law.com.” – Robert Mackie – Choice of Entity // Keeping the Entity Alive & Protecting the Principals

“Great speaker.  Really relevant information that will allow me to strengthen my practice, and better serve my clients while protecting myself.” – Jennifer Taylor – The Top 5 Ways To Commit Malpractice

“This was a very helpful presentation.  Mr. Cochran was both interesting and informative.  This is such an important area of the law not just for lawyers but for anyone who owns and operates a business.  This was a top flight seminar. Thank you.” – Christopher Kaempfer – Elimination of Bias