How does The CLE 12 Pack work?
It’s simple for a flat rate of $249 one lawyer gets 12 hours of CLE on CDs or on a thumb drive.  You choose the 12 hours you want from our 80+ current titles.

What about selection?  
We are offering 200+ hours of recorded programs.  From these 200+ hours, you pick the 12 hours that appeal to you.  Yes, all of these programs have been certified by the CLE Board in Reno.

Want more than 12 hours?
Each additional hour is $20 (or $10 for 1/2 hour).

What if you and another lawyer both want to listen to the same CDs?
You can both get CLE credit for only $175 each (a total of $350).  That’s about $14.50/hour/lawyer.

Can I place an order to share a 12 Pack online?  
Unfortunately not, but we can arrange that by phone. Just call Stan Peyton at 702.347.3331.

Can more than two lawyers share CDs?
Of course!  Basically, the fee for each additional lawyer is $101.  So three lawyers can share a CLE 12 Pack for $451 … four lawyers for $552, and so forth.

Do we charge extra for shipping?  How long will it take for me to get my CDs?
The $249 price includes shipping by Priority Mail.  Want your order overnighted?  Just click on Express Mail Shipping.

What if the CLE Board refuses to give you credit for listening to one of our titles because you have already listened to it?
This is easy.  Call Stan and he will replace your selection with one you have yet to hear.  Comp, of course.

What about California MCLE credit?
We are an accredited provider by the State Bar of California.  All of our offerings qualify for CLE credit in the Golden State, subject, of course, to the self-study limitations.